White Woman Accuses Black Boy Of Stealing

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A mother accuses her son's black friend of stealing in their house. The ending will SHOCK you
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  1. Deji
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    1. s h k
      s h k
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      # END RACISM 2021

    2. zoe everett
      zoe everett
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    3. LorenzinoMMA
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      I have been subbed for years.

    4. Super Lego Maniac Studios Extra
      Super Lego Maniac Studios Extra
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      Mantal Shabaz fuck you not every white person is racist every race is racist not just white people media and schools are just manipulating people now and are actually making racism worse. If you go to Africa you will see how racist they can be to each other and to white people so shut up there is no race that is better than the other. Every body is different in their own ways and that is what makes life unique because if every person was the same then it would just be boring. Were all different but we should not criticize our differences whether it is skin personality religion so on and so on.

    5. Super Lego Maniac Studios Extra
      Super Lego Maniac Studios Extra
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      NFobia no it’s not racism already existed thousands of years ago for example Égyptiens in slaved Jews and forced them to build pyramids and before Racism was even there before Jesus was born.

  2. Nicholas Lazar
    Nicholas Lazar
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    Deji: “I’ma boutta swing man” 2 seconds later Dinosaur mode activated* A second later Dinosaur mode intensifies* 2:50

  3. Piran Lavers
    Piran Lavers
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    3:42 it’s fucking cereal omg that was good ✋🏼😐

  4. sean mangan
    sean mangan
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    Mate Deji is going rogue and rightly so

  5. X_XJ1M80X_X
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    ‘Ay let me go man, ur lucky he’s holdin me back’ LMFAO

  6. s h k
    s h k
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    i have subbed on every account i have deji bc ur the best

  7. Daniel AMG
    Daniel AMG
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    As soon as she see the A Plus And Macbook Amd Tesla Your A GREAT iNfluCe

  8. Daniel AMG
    Daniel AMG
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    Bruh what was deji doing to mans during2:48 2:54

  9. SuperLuigi
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    Dhar Mann x Deji collab?

  10. Dark Lord
    Dark Lord
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  11. nikflames
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    dharnaan videos are usually too obvious for me, but this particular one was good. Didn't see the laptop part coming

  12. Shalom Lutete
    Shalom Lutete
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    Deji talks to much😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴

  13. Volcanic Crush
    Volcanic Crush
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    How the hell did u make a 12 minute video on a 5 minute vid

  14. Ghetto Live
    Ghetto Live
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    7:33 LMAO

  15. Mamadou Diallo
    Mamadou Diallo
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    You don’t need to be used to it martin

  16. Burhan Rahman
    Burhan Rahman
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    Deji: let me roll up my sleeves real quick Also deji: is wearing half sleeves

  17. Man Like Finley
    Man Like Finley
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    For real Deji would probably knocked her out it she was a man

  18. Sythetic_Vex
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    777 dislikes lmao

  19. fs exclusion
    fs exclusion
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    dharr mann

  20. Mi Achillies HD
    Mi Achillies HD
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    I am not black but what the fffffffffuuuuuuuucccccccckkkkkkkk

  21. Mohamed Berisa
    Mohamed Berisa
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    wat is the name of the end song

  22. AyeYahkeen
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    The mums name is Karen matches her personality

  23. Young Wizard
    Young Wizard
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    Anyone else’s notice how he was calling Martin brayden near the end

  24. wendel squire
    wendel squire
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    Why is this vid so funny

  25. Abida Khan
    Abida Khan
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    2:50 got me😂😭

  26. Petriona Graham
    Petriona Graham
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    See ya at school Martin and thanks again 11:05

  27. Petriona Graham
    Petriona Graham
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    When Martin said hi missis baker it made me feel so soft

  28. Sunderzz Scrap
    Sunderzz Scrap
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    my favourite part was the “see you martin. thanks again” 😂😂

  29. Blue Fire
    Blue Fire
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    Deji is going to break his setup xD

  30. Mariam Ali
    Mariam Ali
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    POV:You saw this on TikTok

  31. Muhammet Akar
    Muhammet Akar
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    That ALfirst channel is called dhar Mann

  32. Everardo the weeb It's over 9000
    Everardo the weeb It's over 9000
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    Any Hispanics here

  33. Kye Warwick
    Kye Warwick
    23 ditë më parë

    Would deji react on a black woman be meen to a Wight boy not saying the mum was right

  34. William Madrid
    William Madrid
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    And I uave seen more than those

  35. William Madrid
    William Madrid
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    I have already seen it

  36. William Madrid
    William Madrid
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    And that was actually weird

  37. William Madrid
    William Madrid
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    Deji your so funny 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂

  38. jay
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    Rispect the black people man i am black

  39. FA7E CL4W
    FA7E CL4W
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    *Disabled kid falls off wheelchair* Deji: 1:59

  40. Ahmed Abdulkadir
    Ahmed Abdulkadir
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    This is so much better when Deji is reacting to it :)

  41. anonymous anonymous
    anonymous anonymous
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    it's shit acting bruv

  42. Call of duty warzone
    Call of duty warzone
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    My names braden

  43. DiyaAmir BTW
    DiyaAmir BTW
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  44. lil red
    lil red
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  45. Ahad Kirk
    Ahad Kirk
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    That's why i don't like white people

  46. Unkown
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    Deji man ur jokes😂

  47. Muminah rameez
    Muminah rameez
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    Does deji even know that they are just acting 🤔

  48. Lifewithali
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    It's always herrr😭

  49. Zander Miller
    Zander Miller
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    I would have been like ohh I'm sorry did you want this 'eats food' whoops thats not Supposed to be in my mouth 'gets another bite'

  50. Kyissa Kone
    Kyissa Kone
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    Black people: smh

  51. Rumana Khanom
    Rumana Khanom
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    Dhar Mann

  52. Noah Person
    Noah Person
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    BRUH,SUCH cringe

  53. Talha Siddiqui
    Talha Siddiqui
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    These Dar Man videos are bare annoying and repetitive

  54. R_Amvs
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    swear down my mum acts like that imma chef her

  55. Ondrej Vanyo
    Ondrej Vanyo
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    Its for a movie

  56. Ondrej Vanyo
    Ondrej Vanyo
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    It's fake

  57. Hello there Qw
    Hello there Qw
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    Deji im pulling up the fbi right now!

  58. tiktok memes
    tiktok memes
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    Deji:calls bryten the black even though he is the white guy Me:🤣🤣🤣🤣

  59. N8TE_2005
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    "Here's the thing, you actually get people like this". FAX

  60. matyisqt
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  61. GamingWithClutch
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    39000th like

  62. Speedy_45cool
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    I'm light skin but I'm still mad wtf

  63. Tony Douglas
    Tony Douglas
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    deji:Bruh there's no milk in the carton

  64. Afrah Ahmed
    Afrah Ahmed
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    I haven't watched Dhar Mann in almost a year cause I don't like his content it's not good it's bad content

  65. mini GABUSHA
    mini GABUSHA
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    why do white people just assume that black people are bad or were are a bad influence on white people list not all white people mostly Karens

  67. ItsAmedi !
    ItsAmedi !
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    That's racism im black too

  68. oofnchamp 420
    oofnchamp 420
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    yo deji chill its acting bruh

  69. Muminah rameez
    Muminah rameez
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    Deji is absolutely hilarious 🤣 😆 😂 😄 😅 😭 🤣 😆.................

  70. Alex- Gk1
    Alex- Gk1
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    I’m fucking wheezing

  71. Muminah rameez
    Muminah rameez
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  72. remi_ steel1234
    remi_ steel1234
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    I like how nobody watches deli anymore

  73. Pacifique Segabiro
    Pacifique Segabiro
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  74. Noname 123
    Noname 123
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    2:48 that's full right to hit a women im white, I grew up to not put ur hands-on women but hey i belive that gives full rain to slap a bitch

  75. MrInfinity1495
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    0:35 ayy that's Aidan

  76. Barry Keating
    Barry Keating
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    2:38 this must’ve being filmed on opposite day

  77. Barry Keating
    Barry Keating
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    Half of the video is Deji going EYEYEY EYEY

  78. Xidle
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    Facts Deji

  79. Niña Dela Torre
    Niña Dela Torre
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    "Yesterday I found out I was black" Wth 😂😂

  80. Hudayfah shah
    Hudayfah shah
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    End racism

  81. フォックスラバー
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    To all the black people out there... WE ARE BOT BAD!!

    1. フォックスラバー
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      We are all united as one

  82. Febin gaming
    Febin gaming
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    That is from drah man

  83. the golden gaming freddy
    the golden gaming freddy
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    “You see...” SHUT UP

  84. Bibyang mo
    Bibyang mo
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    Title of the movie?

  85. Rigz84
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    Every video of subject Deji: am getting mad

  86. Cheesy Productions
    Cheesy Productions
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    When the kid is a better person than his own mother.....

    1. zoe everett
      zoe everett
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    2. Cooper Steeds
      Cooper Steeds
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      T and Shy of the

  87. Dark Brawler
    Dark Brawler
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    I wach DHAR MAN

  88. Deandre Hogg
    Deandre Hogg
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    deli uglyyyyyyyy jk my boy deli got mr clean waves

  89. SamZ On XBL
    SamZ On XBL
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    2:12 tho

  90. Mksns KakaM
    Mksns KakaM
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    It’s true black people do make a difference on people’s grades ask W2S

  91. Bob Jackin
    Bob Jackin
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    Funniest guy on the platform 😂😂😂😂

  92. Mathias KONGSHAUG
    Mathias KONGSHAUG
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    1:20 rip headphones users

  93. Kingreco Live streams 2
    Kingreco Live streams 2
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  94. Rayen
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    no one noticed the kid had a supreme phone case

  95. TayyIsGoated
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  96. Meen Craft
    Meen Craft
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    If I lived in Deji’s house, I’d probably kick myself out because of the noise😂 Jk doe

  97. Mayra Cardenas
    Mayra Cardenas
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  98. Jerry Briand
    Jerry Briand
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    Principle: Go to language arts class Deji: What are we going to do kill people with words?!

  99. Stevens Hub
    Stevens Hub
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    I like jake paul but if deji had a kid he would be the coolest father in the UK

  100. Francis Flomo
    Francis Flomo
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    No one: Me:going to check the comments every time Deji says or dose something stupid